Smart Deal Management

For Real Estate Brokers & Agencies

Deal Map is accounting software designed for real estate brokers and agents. It makes tracking and organizing a sale or rental agreement quick and easy. Tracking finances for a real estate deal can be challenging. With Deal Map you can take the guesswork out of your real estate agency's accounting.

template iconReal Estate Accounting

Enter everything you need to know about a deal in one place and let the system do the rest.

Deal Map will automatically:
  • Track your income and escrow balances and organize them
  • Make the necessary entries in your accounting system
  • Show you when invoices have been paid, so that you aren’t sending money out the door before you receive it
  • Run financial reports by deal to better understand your business

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Brokering a deal is never easy and it can be distracting to be chasing money around. Accounting software is necessary for tracking business activities you need to close a deal. It is often not great at buying things on behalf of a customer.

template iconDeal Templates

You choose exactly how you do business.

Deals come in all shapes and sizes. No more extra fields left blank. Multi-tenant rentals are easy to manage with Deal Map.

Deal Map lets you enter multiple tenants in one place to generate separate invoices with a few clicks.

two tenant
deal templates
Customize your workflow.

Choose from our library of templates. Make them your own by specifying your transaction categories and codes or design your own templates from scratch.

quick invoice iconQuickly Create Invoices

Take your finished deals and invoice them with the click of a button. Deal Map will take all the transactions on a deal and create one clean invoice for each party involved in the deal. Choose to review the invoices first or if you are ready as approved invoices.

invoicing a deal

dashboard iconDashboards

Get a company-wide view of incomplete or unprofitable deals, monthly income, and top performing agents.

Design custom reports and include them on the dashboard.


View and edit all details of a deal on the Deal Dashboard.
  • Deal information and audit logs
  • Financial impact of the deal, and transaction status
  • Manually edit deal transactions for complete flexibility
  • See all linked financial records

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payment iconPayment Partners

Set up electronic ACH payments with Xero and GoCardless to let your customers make low-cost electronic payments. These are automatically deposited, reconciled, and reflected on the Deal dashboard.

Don’t want to use invoices? Set your organization to record direct payments instead.

voucher type

If your deal requires changes, make the changes on the deal, then re-invoice. Deal Map will make the updates for you, modify existing invoices, or make new invoices depending on the status of existing invoices.

See how to manage existing invoices and transactions that aren't already connected to a deal.

approvals iconApprovals

Use Deal Map to manage your deal approval process. Agents can create and work on deals. Accountants can approve payments. Administrators can review deals submitted by agents for approval or create pre-approved deals for other agents to work on further.


Most accounting systems have a hard time aggregating all the various AP and AR transactions to account for the purchase and sale of a single item. Project modules, custom attributes, or clever naming conventions can be used to group the transactions but doesn’t provide the direct link that show what paid for what.

accounting details

insight iconDeal Insights

Deal Map lets you run analyses by Deal, Agent, and other attributes that are hard to track in traditional systems. Manage your business, get actionable insights, and view agent activity all in one place.


  • Show income by agent, deal, or contact
  • Easily track your escrow accounts and cashflow
  • Manage agent performance and track income over time

escrow iconEscrow

Deal Map helps make sure you know what your escrow balance is on each deal. Easily identify deals set up with a non-zero escrow balance.

Deal Map allows you to be certain that when money goes out of your escrow account, it is going to pay for the same exact item that you have already received money for.

transactions iconManage Invoices and Transactions

Managing a multi-party deal is no party. Money gets wired, cash changes hands, invoices get sent, modified, and re-sent, checks are hand-written, and nothing goes to plan.

It takes effort to manage it all with precision and can be time-consuming and difficult to track.

We take the unmanageable mess of invoices, credit notes, and direct payments, then put them into a list called Unmapped Transactions. Search for the deal that the associated transaction and connect it with one click. The system will find the relevant transaction - or create a new one, based on the details of the transaction.

If no deal exists simply load the transactions and generate a new Deal to manage the invoices and transactions going forward. No more chasing details and missing information.

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financial accounts iconSetup Your Financial Accounts

chart of accounts

Manage the list of available transaction categories to greatly reduce the number of input mistakes on your general ledger. GL accounts are set on the category but can be overridden if needed. New categories are easy to create and assign accounts to. Once setup, this enables the app to organize and categorize data in useful ways.


data security iconConnect To Xero

Deal Map can be used as a stand-alone product. We recommend integrating with Xero to unlock additional features and extend functionality. Invoices or Direct Payments are integrated in both directions in near-real-time, allowing users to seamlessly switch between systems when working.

Deal Map users can also take advantage of Xero’s application partners to provide payment services. Customers can receive an email and easily set up ACH payments.

connect to xero


data security iconData Access & Account Security

We use best practices at every turn and aim to prioritize user privacy and security when developing our product. Our app uses Auth0, a leading software security provider trusted by many services and applications.

As part of our integration process, Deal Map has completed a review with Xero. You can even use Xero to sign in to Deal Map.

customize iconCustomize User Permissions


Deal Map offers user level access control with role-based permissions. Admins have control over who can access what information and different features. Custom roles allow you to decide who in the organization can see and edit different types of data.

Assign detailed permissions to your agents and choose whether they can see all deals, or just their own.

security iconEncrypted Data

Securely storing and accessing your data is our top priority. You can rest assured your data has the industry-leading security protocols in place. We use encrypted database on secure AWS servers to store your data.